About Us

Hi, this is Ashish Mathur. I am the owner of this website. Since my childhood, I have been very fond of movies, and one day, when I was watching a movie, I realized that this is not the correct order of the film. After that, I searched on google about that movie order, but I didn’t get it. At that time, I felt the lack of a platform that tells us about the correct order, and I decided that I will make it, and I did.
So moviesinorder.us is a platform that tells about the timeline order, chronological order, releasing the order. We also provide information about the best and worst movies from the series based on its rating. It was established in 2021.
First, we watch every movie, and after that, we analyse the movie order. Then we upload the content on our platform to satisfy our customers and give them the best order to watch any series so that they can enjoy the whole story. Our main motto is to provide the correct sequence of movies.
If you have any query or want to ask me about movies, you can contact me at [email protected]