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Die Hard film series is based on a novel name Nothing Lasts Forever. It is an action film series which has five movies. Here is a list of all Die Hard movies in order to watch. If you want to watch this series, you must know the right order to watch it. Here below is the list of all possible watching order of Die Hard movies. Keep going down, and you will get all possible watch order.

All Die Hard movies in order

Die Hard movies in order of Release

Here is the list of all Die Hard movies in order of release. It is also its chronological order. If you want to watch all Die Hard movies to release, you must follow the below order:

  1. Die Hard – 1988

  2. Die Hard 2 – 1990

  3. Die Hard with a Vengeance – 1995

  4. Live Free or Die Hard – 2007

  5. A Good Day to Die Hard – 2013

Die Hard movies ranked from best to worst 

Here is a list of all Die Hard movies ranked from best to worst based on IMDB ratings. If you want to watch the best Die Hard movie first, then you have to follow the below order:

  • Die Hard [ 8.2/10 ]

  • Die Hard with a Vengeance [ 7.6/10 ]

  • Live Free or Die Hard [ 7.1/10 ]

  • Die Hard 2 [ 7.2/10 ]

  • A Good Day to Die Hard [ 5.3/10 ]

About Die Hard Series

Die Hard

Releasing Date:  20 July 1988
Director:  John McTiernan
Runtime:  2 Hours 12 Minutes
Writers:  Roderick Thorp, Jeb Stuart, Steven E. de Souza
Genre:  Action, Thriller
Die Hard Movies in Order (moviesinorder.us)Image @ IMDB
It is the first movies to watch the Die Hard film series. In the beginning, Detective John McClane moves to Los Angeles to meet his wife, Holly.
When he was changing clothes in his room, the tower is seized by German radical Hans Gruber and his armed team.
They make hostage everyone in the tower except McClane because he has succeeded to flee away.
Gruber is here to steal 640$ million. Somehow terrorists know about the presence of McClane, and one of them is sent to get McClane. He kills the terrorist and takes his radio and weapon.
He calls the Police, and Sergeant Powell is sent to investigate. Now McClane throws explosive on terrorists and kills some of them. Now all the control is taken by the FBI, and they ordered to cut off the electricity in the tower.
In the end, a fight takes place between McClane and Gruber. McClane kills Gruber by opening the hook of the watch from which Gruber is hanging on the roof.

Die Hard 2 

Releasing Date:  3 July 1990
Director:  Renny Harlin
Runtime:  2 Hours 4 Minutes
Writers:  Steven E. de Souza, Doug Richardson, Walter Wager, Roderick Thorp
Genre:  Action, Thriller
Image @ IMDB
This is the second movie in the list of Die Hard movies in order. After two years of tower attack, Now McClane is waiting at the Dulles Airport for her wife, Holly.
He notices that two men in Army uniform are acting suspiciously. He follows them, and a shootout takes place
in which McClane kills one of them, and the other escapes.
Now former U.S Army Colonel William, with other former unit members, makes a base near Dulles. They hack ATC of Dulles Airport. They want to rescue Drug Lord General Ramon Esperanza.
They demand a cargo plane to escape. Now McClane decides to fight with them. Now director Leslie Barnes with the SWAT team tries to fix an antenna to reestablish the system, but William’s men attack them and kill them. McClane saves Barnes and kills William’s men.
Now William kills all onboard person in revenge. After that, he reaches William’s aircraft before his men. In the end, a fight takes place in which
McClane explores William’s jet and kills him.

Die Hard with a Vengeance

Releasing Date:  19 May 1995
Director:  John McTiernan
Runtime:  2 Hours 8 Minutes
Writers:  Jonathan Hensleigh, Roderick Thorp
Genre:  Action, Adventure, Thriller
Die Hard Movies in Order (moviesinorder.us)Image @ IMDB
It comes in third-order to watch Die Hard movies. A bomb explodes at a department store in New York City. A person, “Simon”, takes the responsibility and warns that he will blast another unless McClane wears a Sandwich board on himself.
Now McClane is called. He meets an electrician Carver and explains to him about the sandwich board. Suddenly he and Carver attacked by black men. Both escapes from there by taxi.
After that, he finds out that another bomb has been planted on a train. He has succeeded in throwing out the bomb from the train.
From the FBI, McClane gets to know that Simon is the brother of Gruber. Gruber had killed by McClane years earlier in LA. Now Simon called the FBI and gave information about the third bomb.
McClane understands the fake information of Simon because he knows that Simon wants to steal the money from the Federal Reserve Bank. So Carver follows Simon’s calls, and McClane starts investigating the money.
He starts following the truck in a tunnel no. 3. He destroys the tunnel and kills some of
Simon’s men. In the end, from a bottle of aspirin, McClane and the FBI succeeded in finding Simon and his men near the Canada-U.S border. Simon attempts to escape from the helicopter, but McClane shoots the helicopter, and it explodes. 

Live Free or Die Hard 

Releasing Date:  27 June 2007
Director:  Len Wiseman
Runtime:  2 Hour 8 Minutes
Writers:  John Carlin, Roderick Thorp, Mark Bomback, David Marconi
Genre:  Action, Thriller
Die Hard Movies in Order (moviesinorder.us)Image @ IMDB
This movie comes at the fourth place to watch Die Hard movies in order. In the beginning, the FBI demands a hacker Matthew Farrell from detective John McClane.
Now he moves to Farrell’s house and saves him from the killers sent by Mai Linh, who works for Thomas Gabriel.
Farrell and McClane are moving to FBI headquarters.
Farrell tells him that he had written an algorithm for Linh which could crack a security system for good purpose. But they started using it for bad purposes.
Now, Linh attacks them in the way, but McClane kills the attackers and destroys their helicopter.
McClane calls for help in headquarters, and Farrell finds out Gabriel’s next target.
Now they reach the target site, where Linh and his team again attack them. Now Linh dies in this fight, and Gabriel attacks them(Farrell and McClane) with natural gas and escapes from there.
Now John and Farrell move to the home of hacker Warlock. With the help of him, they identify Gabriel’s location. He reveals that he kidnaps John’s daughter Lucy.
They move to his house to find out that a man is downloading critical data from the FBI, but Farrell stops him and encrypts the data.
Gabriel’s runs from the location along with Lucy and Farrell.
He asks Farrell to decrypt the data, but he denies that’s why he threatens him to kill Lucy. Now John McClane comes into play and kills all the henchmen of Gabriel. In the end, he gets success in killing Gabriel by shooting him in the chest.

A Good Day to Die Hard

Releasing Date:  14 February 2013
Director:  John Moore
Runtime:  1 Hour 38 Minutes
Writers:  Skip Woods, Roderick Thorp
Genre:  Action, Thriller
Die Hard Movies in Order (moviesinorder.us)Image @ IMDB
This movie comes at the last place to watch Die Hard movies in order. A Russian high ranking corrupt official, Viktor, plans to accuse a former billionaire Yuri Komarov because Komarov has a secret file that contains some critical evidence about Viktor and enough to prove him guilty.
Now John McClane moves to Russia because he gets information about his son Jack McClane who has been living in Russia for many years.
On the trial day of Komarov, a bomb explosion occurs in the courthouse, and John, Jack and Komarov manage to escape from there because Viktor’s men are chasing them.
Now they hide in a safe house where John gets to know that his son is an undercover agent of the CIA. They ask Komarav about the secret file’s location, and he agrees only if they manage him and his daughter Irina to move out from Russia.
They are again attacked by Viktor’s man Alik with his companions. Now Alik and Irina (Komarav’s daughter) kidnap Komarov, but Jack and John manage to escape.
Now Komarav, Irina and Alik are in the safe house, and here we get to know that the secret file which Viktor wants has never existed. Here Komarav kills Alik. Now John and Jack enter the safe house.
Jack kills
Komarov from the helicopter blades. Irina dies in a suicide attack by ramming the helicopter into the buildings. In the end, John and Jack reunite and move to a home where they meet Lucy.

Watch Die Hard movies in order and tell us in the comment section which movies you like the most.

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