How to watch I P Man movies in Order : Best order to watch IP Man Movies

IP man movie scene

There is a complete guide for “How to watch IP Man movies in order.” According to watching order, there are two ways. The first is based on releasing order of movies and the second in chronological order.

IP Man Movies in releasing order (based on releasing date)

In IP movies in series, there are six movies. All of the movies have a separate story. Movies are not interconnected so that you can watch every movie at first or last.
We suggest you watch IP man movies in releasing an order. It is the best order if you want to know his life struggle, skills, and old china times.

  1. IP Man (2008)

  2. IP Man 2 (2010)

  3. The Grandmaster (2013)

  4. IP Man 3 (2015)

  5. Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2018)

  6. IP Man 4: The Finale (2019)

IP Man

Releasing Date:  19 December 2008
IP Man series started in 2008 and became the first most loved martial arts movie. In 1935 there was a southern Chinese martial arts hub known as Foshan. Wing Chun (I P Man) is a skilled and talented martial artist there.
IP man starts working in a coal mine to bear financial crises. Japanese army asks IP Man to train his soldiers. He refuses the job. After that, there is a deep fight between IP Man and Japanese soldiers.

IP Man 2

Releasing Date:  21 April 2010 (Beijing), 29 April 2010 (Hong Kong)
IP man 2 is second in order based on the release date. Wing Chun (Ip Man) and his family moved to Hong Kong in 1949 after fighting with Japanese soldiers.
In 1950 Wing Chun (Ip Man) wanted to open a martial arts school to promote his skills and earn money for his family.
After some time, his school becomes famous; everyone wants to learn martial arts from Wing Chun (IP man). Other academy masters say Ip Men to prove themselves before they start teaching. I P man becomes the father.

The Grandmaster

Releasing Date:  8 January 2013 (China)
I P man reminds all his battle and his childhood time. He starts learning at the age of seven under the guidance of master Chan Wan-Shun.
I P Man’s peaceful life is interrupted by Gong Yutian (Grandmaster from Northern China). Then a fight is organized between Gong Yutian and southern martial arts masters.
Gong Yutian’s daughter tries to stop the war but fails. Southern martial arts masters choose I P Man to fight from their side. I P Man is tested by three southern masters.
A fight occurs between Gong and I P Man; at last, I P man wins. Gong Yutian comes back to his town and schedules a rematch with I P Man.
Gong Yutian is killed by his government. In 1950 I P man moved to Hong Kong for his survival and started a new career.

IP Man movie scene

IP Man 3

Releasing Date:  24 December 2015 (Hong Kong)
I P settled with his life in 1959 in Hong Kong. I P Man leaves his family in Hong Kong and returns to Foshan. Where Bruce Lee visits and wants to become his student. I P Man says nothing to Bruce Lee.
I P Man’s son fights with his classmate, and then the teacher calls his parents to the school. I P Man’s family invites his teacher to family dinner. One day I P goes to his son’s school, where I P Man sees some man who wants to occupy school property beating the principal. I P interrupted and protected the teacher.
Then I P Stay at school with students to protect the school. Ma kidnaps I P Man’s son, and I P Man visits Ma’s dockyard, where his son tells that Ma and Tin-chi are still friends. Then I P man Protect the school and city from gangsters.

Master Z: IP Man Legacy

Releasing Date:  21 December 2018 (China)
I P Man defeats Cheung Tin-chi in a fight. Tin-chi decides not to fight and starts a grocery shop on his ground floor. Tin-chi fights with a drug-dealing Kit’s gang and defeats him. Kit’s team decides to take revenge, and they start firing on the Tin-chin house.
Tin-chin and his son escape from the house, but his son is injured so Tin-chin wants to fight with the Kit gang. Kit’s sister wants to compensate Tin-chin, but he refuses his proposal.
Kit and his team killed Nana by overdosing on heroin. Then the current officer arrested Tin-chi and Fu.

IP Man 4: The Finale

Releasing date:  20 December 2019
In 1964 I P man’s wife was dead due to cancer. I P Man’s son fights back again in school, and he is suspended from school. After this, I P Man traveled to San Francisco to find opportunities for his son.
The Local martial arts community is upset by the I P Man student Bruce Lee.

IP Man Movies in Chronological Order

Here is the list of I P Man movies in Chronological order. It is the best order or way to watch a series according to his story sequence.

  • The Legend Is Born: IP Man

  • IP Man

  • IP Man 2

  • IP Man 3

  • IP Man 4: The Finale

  • The Grandmaster

  • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

IP man movies scene

IP Man & Wing Chun all movies list

Here is a list of all movies which are based on IP Man character and related to Whig Chun.




  • IP MAN

  • IP MAN 2

  • IP MAN 3

  • IP MAN 4












  • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

  • IP Man and Four Kings

IP Man movies series from best to worst

Here is a list of IP Man films that are ranked from best to worst. If you want to watch the best IP Man films first then you must follow this order.

  • IP Man and Four Kings

  • The Legend is Born: IP Man

  • IP Man: The Final Fight

  • IP Man 3

  • The Grandmaster

  • Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

  • IP Man 2

  • IP Man

How many IP Man movies are there?

There are more than 20 movies that are related to IP Man. Here is a list of all IP Man movies or related to IP Man and Wing Chun.

Is IP Man 5 coming?

IP Man 5 is not coming in 2021 due to pandemic conditions we have to wait. It will come in 2022 or after 2022 there are no specific guidelines related to IP Man 5.

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