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Jack Ryan is based on a fictional character who appears in the books of Tom Clancy. In this series, there are five movies. Here is the list of all Jack Ryan Movies in order to watch. 

In what order do I watch the Jack Ryan movies?

Watch Jack Ryan movies in order of storyline. It is the best order to watch this series. Storyline order and Timeline order are same.

Jack Ryan movies in order of release

Here is the list of all Jack Ryan movies in order of release. If you want to watch the whole series in releasing order then you have to follow the below order:

  1. The Hunt for Red October – 1990

  2. Patriot Games – 1992

  3. Clear and Present Danger – 1994

  4. The Sum of All Fears – 2002

  5. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit – 2014

Jack Ryan movies in Chronological Order

Here is the list of all Jack Ryan movies in chronological order. Timeline, Storyline or Chronological order all are same . If you want to watch the Jack Ryan Movies in Storyline order or Chronological order then you have to follow the below order:

  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

  • The Hunt for Red October

  • Patriot Games

  • Clear and Present Danger

  • The Sum of All Fears

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Jack Ryan Movies ranked from best to worst

Here is the list of Jack Ryan movies in which all movies are ranked from best to worst based on IMDB ratings. If you want to watch the best movies first then you have to follow the below sequence:

  • The Hunt for Red October [ 7.6/10 ]

  • Clear and Present Danger [ 6.9/10 ]

  • Patriot Games [ 6.9/10 ]

  • The Sum of All Fears [ 6.4/10 ]

  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit [ 6.2/10 ]

Jack Ryan Tv Shows

There are two Jack Ryan Tv shows that are mention below:

  • Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 1

  • Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 2

About Jack Ryan Movies

The Hunt for Red October

Releasing Date:  2 March 1990
Director:  John McTiernan
Runtime:  2 Hours 15 Minutes
Writers:  Tom Clancy, Larry Ferguson, David Shaber
Genre:   Action, Adventure, Thriller
In the beginning, Soviet Submarine Captain Marko Ramius takes command of a nuclear missile submarine name Red October. This submarine couldn’t be detected by passive sonar.
Ramius moves
with the submarine to conduct an exercise with another submarine lead by Captain Tupolev. Ramius kills political officer Ivan Putin and gives false order of missile drills on America’s East Coast.
While leaving the American coast, they are identified by American Submarine USS Dallas.
After knowing this, America gives this case to a former Marine and CIA Analyst Jack Ryan.
He briefs government officials that Ramius is planning a nuclear strike. The NSA Jeffrey Pelt gives Ryan 3 days to confirm his prediction about Ramius. Soviet Navy and Tupolev both have ordered to intercept and destroy Red October.

Jack Ryan movies in order (moviesinorder.us)Image @ IMDB
After some time, Dallas has succeeded in intercepting Red October. They would destroy the submarine, but Ryan has convinced the captain to talk with Ramius and determine his intentions.
The Soviet government asks for help in destroying Red October because they know that Ramius is a renegade. Now V.K Konovalov attacks red October. The crew of Red October is rescued along with Ramius.
At the end of the movie, we know that this is a secret between Ramius and Ryan to move Red October into
Penobscot River. Ramius admits that the main motive of this submarine was a nuclear strike against the U.S. That’s why he made a plan with Ryan.

Patriot Games

Releasing Date:  5 June 1992
Director:  Phillip Noyce
Runtime:  1 Hour 57 Minutes
Writers:  Tom Clancy, W. Peter Iliff, Donald E. Stewart
Genre:   Action, Thriller
Ryan is enjoying his vacation with his family in London, where he sees an attempt to kill Minister Lord William Holmes. Here Ryan killed two killers which one is 16 years old Patrick Miller.
His elder brother Police arrest Sean Miller, and he swears to take revenge on Ryan.
After some time, when Miller was transferred from one jail to another, his convoy is attacked by his companions.
They killed all the police officers and escaped from there with Miller. He convinced his mates to accompany him to the United States, where he plans to execute Ryan and his family.

Jack Ryan movies in order (moviesinorder.us)Image @ IMDB
Now Miller and his mates start attacking Ryan and his pregnant wife and daughter.
After that, Miller and his companions again try to kidnap Lord Holmes, but again Ryan is with him, and he takes the responsibility to save Lord Holmes and his family.
In the end, Ryan hides Holmes and his family and runs away from there in the boat. Miller follows him as he thinks that he is taking Holmes away.
But at last, he finds out that Ryan is alone. He fights with Ryan, and in that fight, Ryan killed him. In the end, he is rescued by an FBI helicopter.

Clear and Present Danger

Releasing Date:  3 August 1994
Director:  Phillip Noyce
Runtime:  2 Hours 21 Minutes
Writers:  Tom Clancy, Donald E. Stewart, Steven Zaillian, John Milius
Genre:   Action, Crime, Drama
An American businessman Peter Hardin and his family have murdered. When the U.S president knows, he becomes very angry because Hardin was his personal friend. Hardin was connected to a drug cartel in Colombia.
When President knows this, he tells everything to NSA James Cutter and says that this cartel is a danger for U.S. He orders them to kill the men who killed his friend. Here Jack Ryan is appointed as Deputy Director of Intelligence.
Now on President’s order, one team lead by Cutter moves to Colombia to destroy carter, and the other, which is lead by Jack Ryan, moves to investigate Hardin’s and drug cartel connection.
Here they
find out that the cartel’s leader is responsible for Hardin’s death. After that, Cutter’s team airstrike on the cartel members, but the leader survives because he comes late.

Jack Ryan movies in order (moviesinorder.us)Image @ IMDB
After that, Cortez, the cartel’s intelligence officer, makes a deal with Cutter that he will kill his leader and take over the cartel, and he will also reduce the drug shipments in the U.S. In return, Cutter has to close all operations in Colombia and allow him to kill Clark’s soldiers(soldier’s leader with Cutter).
He accepts this deal and orders Ritter(Deputy Director of Operations) to cut off all the support to troops in
Colombia. Ryan finds out about this conspiracy.
Now Ryan and Clark visit Escobedo’s mansion where Escobedo has killed by Cortez’s mate and then. Ryan and Clark killed Cortez after that. Ryan tells this conspiracy to President.

The Sum of All Fears

Releasing Date:  31 May 2002
Director:  Phil Alden Robinson
Runtime:  2 hours 4 minutes
Writers:  Tom Clancy, Paul Attanasio, Daniel Pyne
Genre:   Action, Drama, Thriller
In the beginning, an Austrian billionaire who wants to start a war between U.S and Russia buy a nuclear bomb. He wants Europe to rule the world.
Now the President of Russia dies with a heart attack and replaces by Alexander Nemerov, the new President. After that, CIA analyst Jack Ryan is called by CIA director William Cabot in Moscow to inspect the Russian Nuclear Weapon Facility.
Here they meet Nemerov and his aide Anatoly Grushkov. He requests them to call Fowler and ask him to stay out from Russia’s War in Chechnya.
Jack Ryan finds the absents of three scientists in the investigation, So Cabot sends John Clark to investigate. After a chemical attack on Grozny, tensions between U.S and Russian have been increased.
Numerov takes responsibility for this attack. America deployed peacekeepers in Grozny. Communists officers ordered to attack Grozny.
Now Cabot and Fowler are watching a football match in the city of Baltimore. Ryan calls Cabot and warns him about the bomb. Cabot successfully saved the President, but he severely wounded himself.
stadium is destroyed. Marines rescued the President. After that, a Russian Air Force general attacks a U.S. aircraft carrier and makes the situation worse.
After that, Clark finds out the person who sold the bomb to Olson. Now Ryan and his team checked Olson’s computer and find out that he is the man behind the nuclear attack.
All the men involved in this bomb conspiracy are assassinated. Numerov and Fowler signed an agreement to counter nuclear proliferation.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Releasing Date:  17 January 2014
Director:  Kenneth Branagh
Runtime:  1 Hour 45 Minutes
Writers:  Adam Cozad, David Koepp, Tom Clancy
Genre:   Action, Adventure, Thriller

Jack Ryan movies in order (moviesinorder.us)Image @ IMDB
In the beginning, Jack Ryan was a former Marine officer. In Afghanistan, his helicopter shot down, and he got a severe spine injury. After ten years, when he worked for the CIA covertly on Wall Street, he finds out that billions of funds have been disappeared, possessed by Russian Organizations.
Most of these fund belongs to Russian tycoon Viktor Cherevin. Ryan’s man starts a business with Cherevin, and when he finds out some inaccessible accounts, he moves to Moscow and investigates.
After that, Ryan explains that Viktor’s investments will be a terrorist attack on America. Now Ryan and his girlfriend Muller are having lunch with Viktor in a restaurant near Viktor’s office.
By excusing himself, he takes access to Viktor office and downloads critical files. After getting them, they find out that he propped up Chinese and Japanese economies because he wants to make the American economy vulnerable.
Viktor also uses a false death certificate for his son Alexander, a sleeper agent in U.S. Ryan finds out him in a fake police vehicle with a bomb that will explode.
Ryan hijacked the vehicle and crashed it into the East River while jumping out. The bomb explodes and kills Alexander. Conspirators in Russia execute Viktor.

Watch Jack Ryan movies in order you like and tell us in the comment section which movie you like the most.

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