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Reddick movies in order (

Reddick series is a story of a criminal who changes their eyes to see in the dark. His planet Furya is destroyed by Necromongers, and he takes revenge. Here we discuss Reddick movies in order. If you want to know the correct order, then scroll down, and you will get all possible watching orders of Reddick movies.

What order do the Riddick movies go in?

Reddick movies go in order of release. It is the best order to watch Reddick movies. The timeline order and order of release are the same in the Reddick series. 

Reddick Movies in Order of Release:

Here is a list of all Reddick movies in order of release. If you want to watch the Reddick series, then it the right order to watch:

  1. Pitch Black – 2000
  2. The Chronicles of Riddick – 2004
  3. Riddick – 2013
  4. Riddick 4: Furya – (TBA)

Reddick Movies ranked from best to worst.

Here is a list of all Reddick movies ranked from best to worst based on IMDB ratings. If you want to watch the best Reddick movie first, then you have to follow the below order:

  • Pitch Black [ 7.1/10 ]
  • The Chronicles of Riddick [ 6.7/10 ]
  • Riddick [ 6.4/10 ]

Reddick movies in order ( @ IMDB

All Reddick movies, games, short films, and Tv series in order

Here is a list of all Reddit movies, Tv series, short films, games, novels, and comics. 


  • Pitch Black 
  • The Chronicles of Riddick 
  • Riddick 
  • Riddick 4: Furya – (TBA)

Television Series

  • Into Pitch Black – 2000

Short films

  • The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury – 2004


  • Pitch Black – 2000
  • The Chronicles of Riddick – 2004

Motion comics

  • Pitch Black: Slam City – 2000
  • Riddick: Blindsided – 2013


  • The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay  – 2004
  • The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena  – 2009
  • Riddick: The Merc Files – 2013

About Reddick Films

Pitch Black

Releasing Date:   18 February 2000
Runtime:  1 Hour 49 Minutes
Genre:  Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Reddick movies in order ( @ IMDB
There is a spaceship name Hunter-Gratzner that is travelling 40 peoples. There is a criminal named Riddick who is very dangerous and is present on this spaceship. Due to a meteor storm, they try to land a nearby planet, and they crash on Marooned. 11 people survive out of 40 in this crash include Riddick. Marooned is a boiling planet. It receives 24 X 7 sunlight from three suns. An eclipse occurs every 22 years, which causes one month night. During this time whole planet goes into the dark, and the creatures who lived under the surface come out and destroy all living things on this planet. All Survivals search for food water for their living. The creatures attack them. Then they decide to live with Riddick to survive. 


The Chronicles of Riddick 

Releasing Date:  11 June 2004
Runtime:  1 Hour 59 Minutes
Genre:  Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
After five years of escaping from Marooned, Riddick is hiding from bounty hunters and police who want to capture him to take rewards. While protecting themself from a bounty hunter, Reddick meets Imam. Reddick saves Imam’s life in the Previous movie. From Imam, Reddick learns about Necromongers, a Religious group that wants to rule, and for this, they kill everybody. The Necromongers kill Imam while Reddick successfully escapes. Further, Aereon tells Reddick (who is also a Furyans) that Necromongers commander attacks Furyans and kills everyone.  

Reddick movies in order ( @ IMDB


Releasing Date:  6 September 2013
Runtime:  1 Hour 59 Minutes
Genre:  Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Reddick is left on a lifeless planet by Vaako, who tries to kill Reddick there, but Reddick survives. Reddick heals himself and attempts to explore the planet. On this planet, Reddick fights with alien predators to survive. Reddick finds an emergency beacon on this planet and activates it. Two ships land on the planet to hunt Reddick and take his head back in the box for reward. Reddick stole the battery of both spaceships and made a deal with them. First, they refuse his deal and captures. After some time, alien predators come out due to a Strome. Then they make a deal and save their life.

About 4th Riddick movie

Yes, there is going to be 4th Riddick movie name Furya. Vin Diesel announced that the movie is under production.

Watch Reddick movies in the order you want to watch and tell us in the comment section which movie you like the most.

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