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Divergent movies in order (moviesinorder.us)

The Divergent Series is a science fiction action movie. It is based on the Divergent novels. Here we discuss the Divergent Movies in order to watch. If you want to know the correct order to watch Divergent movies, then keep scrolling down. You will get the correct order.

What order do the divergent movies go in? 

The Divergent movies go in order of release. It is the best order to watch the series. All movies are interconnected. So it is necessary to watch movies in the proper order. The timeline order and releasing order of the film are the same as the order of release.

Divergent Movies in order of release

Here is a list of all Divergent movies in order of release. If you want to watch the Divergent series in order of release, then you have to follow the below order:

  1. Divergent – 2014
  2. The Divergent Series: Insurgent – 2015
  3. Allegiant – 2016

All Divergent movies ranked from best to worst

Here is a list of all divergent movies in order ranked from best to worst based on IMDB ratings. If you want to watch the best movie first, then you have to follow the below order:

  • Divergent [ 6.6/10 ]
  • The Divergent Series: Insurgent [ 6.2/10 ]
  • Allegiant [ 5.7/10 ]

About Divergent Movies


Releasing Date:  21 March 2014
Director:  Neil Burger
Runtime:  2 Hour 19 Minutes
Writers:  Evan Daugherty, Vanessa Taylor
Genre:  Action, Adventure, Mystery

Divergent movies in order (moviesinorder.us)Image @ IMDB
This is the first movie in order to watch Divergent film. There is a city in Chicago where the population is divided into four groups based on their virtue. At the age of sixteen, every teenager goes through a test that decides his group. Tris Prior decision shocked everyone. Then he goes under a test. Tris is a Divergent; that’s why she did not fit in any group. She finds that the faction’s head makes a plan to kill all Divergent. Tris wants to escape, and she plans to escape with his four friends, who are also Divergent.

The Divergent Series: Insurgent

Releasing Date:  20 March 2015
Director:  Robert Schwentke
Runtime:  1 Hour 59 Minutes
Writers:  Brian Duffield, Akiva Goldsman
Genre:  Action, Adventure, Mystery
Divergent movies in order (moviesinorder.us)Image @ IMDB
This is the second part in order to watch the Divergent series. Jeanine Matthews is the head of the faction who announces that Tris and his friends are enemies. He tries to kill them, and Tris, with his friends, tries to hide from them. Tries and his friends try to find the reason behind this and see their parents’ sacrifices for their lives. They find the truth of the past and future behind this.


Releasing Date:  18 March 2016
Director:  Robert Schwentke
Runtime:  2 Hour
Writers:  Noah Oppenheim, Adam Cooper, Bill Collage, Veronica Roth
Genre:  Action, Adventure, Mystery
This is the last part of the Divergent series. Tries and the other four know the truth about the earth and want to confirm the fact. They are now in Chicago and try to cross the Chicago boundaries. When they cross the borders, and they are shocked. Things outside Chicago confuse them to believe in Chicago city or outside the city. This makes it hard to make the decision. They decide to protect humanity and takes some decision. 

Watch Divergent movies in the order you like and tell us in the comment section which movie you like the most.


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