The Underworld Movies in order : Best order to watch Underworld Films

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Underworld Films series tells about a war between vampires and werewolves. It is an action horror film series. Here is the list of all possible Underworld movies in order to watch. If you want to know the Underworld series’s right order, you must keep scrolling down and get all possible watch orders. 

What order do the underworld movies go in?

The Underworld movies go in chronological order. It is the best order to watch all films series. If you want to enjoy the Underworld series, then you have to watch it in chronological order. It is the easiest order to understand the story.

Underworld Movies in order of Release

Here is a list of all Underworld movies in order of release. If you want to know the releasing order or wish to watch Underworld movies in releasing the order, then you should follow the below declaration:

  1. Underworld – 2003 

  2. Underworld: Evolution – 2006 

  3. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans – 2009 

  4. Underworld: Awakening – 2012 

  5. Underworld: Blood Wars – 2016 

Underworld Movies in Chronological Order

Here is the list of all Underworld films in chronological order. It is the best order to watch the entire series. Chronological order and timeline order are the same. If you want to watch Underworld movies in Chronological order, then you have to follow the below declaration:

  • Underworld: Rise of the Lycans 

  • Underworld

  • Underworld: Evolution 

  • Underworld: Awakening

  • Underworld: Blood Wars

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Underworld movies ranked from best to worst

Here is the list of all Underworld movies ranked from best to worst based on the IMDB ratings. If you want to watch to best Underworld movie first, then you have to follow the below order:

  • Underworld  [ 7.0/10 ]

  • Underworld: Evolution  [ 6.7/10 ]

  • Underworld: Rise of the Lycans  [ 6.6/10 ]

  • Underworld: Awakening  [ 6.4/10 ]

  • Underworld: Blood Wars  [ 5.8/10 ]

Animated Movies

There is an animated movie of Underworld series, which is given below:

  • Underworld: Endless War

About Underworld Movies


Releasing Date:  19 September 2003
Director:  Len Wiseman
Runtime:  2 Hours 1 minute
Writers:  Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman, Danny McBride
Genre:  Action, Fantasy, Horror
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In this movie, the rise of Lycans has shown. As we know, Lycans are Werewolves, and Lucian is the first Werewolf who can take human form, and he was the first Lycan.
Lycans are the slaves of an elder Vampire, Viktor. When Lucian grows up, he falls in love with Viktor’s daughter Sonja. One night Sonja and Lucian try to escape because he wants to prevent him from turning into Werewolf.
When Viktor knows about it, he has imprisoned Lucian.
Sonja has Succeed to free Lucian from prison with the help of Andreas Tanis. Lucian escapes from the jail with all the other Lycans.
When Sonja is planning to meet him, he is visited by her father, and his father gets all information about his relationship with Lucian, and he also knows that she helps him escape; that’s why he imprisoned her.
Viktor knows that Lucian will come to save Sonja. When Lucian goes to save Sonja, Viktor captures him and puts both Sonja and Lucian in prison.
When Viktor gets to know that she is pregnant, he sentenced him to death in front of Lucian and got the pendant from her body.
After that, Lucian turns into Werewolf and tries to escape, but Death Dealers stop him.
He summons all the wild Werewolves and orders them to destroy the fortress because he can communicate with all the Werewolfs.
Knowing this, Viktor tries to escape, but Lucian follows him. He fights with Viktor and wins the fight.
But at the end of the movie, it is shown that Viktor survived after the fight.

Underworld: Evolution

Releasing Date:  20 January 2006
Director:  Len Wiseman
Runtime:  1 Hour 46 Minutes
Writers:  Danny McBride, Len Wiseman, Kevin Grevioux
Genre:  Action, Fantasy, Horror
underworld movies in order ( )Image @ IMDB
After the second part of the film, both government and people are aware of the existence of Vampires and Lycans. Humans capture Selene and Michael.
After 12 years, she escapes successfully, and she thinks that Michael has also escaped. Now she gets visions from another point of view.
She believes that Michael is guiding his mind, but at last, she meets a Vampire, David, who was tracking her. She moved through the tunnels fighting with Lycans and reached a point where she finds a young girl, not Michael.
Selene, David, and that girl moved in a van to make their way out of these tunnels. A trio of Lycons approaches them, and they manage to kill them. After that fight, she knows that this girl is his and Michael’s daughter by watching hybrid traits in that fight.
The girl tells her that she helps her escape from the Cryogenic tank in which she(Selene) is imprisoned.
The girls that Selene finds are not looking like Vampires, Lycans, Hybrid. That’s why she doesn’t feel comfortable in the coven, and she wants to leave the coven.
David tries to convince her, but Lycons attacks the coven. Selene fights well but is knocked out by a Super Lycan. David becomes mortally wounded, but Selene saves him with his blood, and David’s father gives Selene’s daughter to Lycans to save them.
After the fight, she confronts detective Sebastian who is sympathetic to vampires. He tells her about the Antigen.
After that, Sebastian, Selene and David attacked the Antigen and to save Eve(daughter) and Michael. She saves his daughter but cannot find Michael in the broken Cryogenic tank in which she saw Michael.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Releasing Date:  23 January 2009
Director:  Patrick Tatopoulos
Runtime:  1 Hour 32 Minutes
Writers:  Danny McBride, Dirk Blackman, Howard McCain, Len Wiseman, Robert Orr, Danny McBride, Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman, Danny McBride
Genre:  Action, Fantasy, Horror
underworld movies in order ( )Image @ IMDB
Three elder vampires(Markus, Viktor, Amelia) come into a village of Werewolfs with their army of Vampires. They abduct William Cornivus, the first Werewolf, and imprisoned him at a secret place.
Now in the present day, Both Selene and Michael move to a safe house. Selene knows that Kraven wants to kill Markus, and she plans to stop him. But Markus wakes up before Kraven arrives and kills him and his men.
Alexander Cornivus, who is the forefather of both Vampires and Lycans, sends a team of Cleaners to Lycans’ lair to investigate where they find a pendant from Viktor’s body.
Here Markus tracks Selene and Michael and attacks them, but they escape from him. And moves to a hideout of a Vampire, Andreas Tanis. Tanis tells them about the three sons of Alexander Cornivus.
Markus was bitten by a bat and become a vampire, the Second one was bitten by a wolf and become a werewolf, and the Third son remained human. Michael is a descendant of the third son, who is the first hybrid Vampire-Werewolf.
Tanis also reveals that the pendant is the key to William’s shelter, and Viktor killed Selene’s family because they knew the prison. Tanis advises them Macaro (Alexander Cornivus) for help.
After that, they visit Macaro, where Markus comes by, getting the location from Tanis’s blood and fights with Selene and Michael. He drinks Selene’s blood and gets the information about William’s shelter.
Now Selene drinks Macaro’s blood and enhances his power. Selene follows Markus, but he releases William from his shelter. She fought with Markus and killed him in hand to hand battle.
After the fight, she realizes that from Macaro’s blood, she gets hybrid qualities, and some of them are lethal to a vampire-like protected to the effects of Sunlight.

Underworld: Awakening

Releasing Date:  20 January 2012
Directors:  Mans Marlind, Bjorn Stein
Runtime:  1 Hour 28 Minutes
Writers:  Len Wiseman, John Hlavin, J. Michael, Straczynski, Allison Burnett, Len Wiseman, John Hlavin, Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman, Danny McBride
Genre:  Action, Fantasy, Horror
underworld movies in order ( )Image @ IMDB
A war has been going on between Vampires and Lycans for generations. Lycans are the ancient species of the Werewolf. After so many years of fighting, the Vampires come into power when Kraven kills Lucian, the leader of Lycans.
After killing Lucian, Kraven becomes second-in-command of Vampires. A vampire Selene always wants to take revenge on Lycans, who killed his parents in his childhood. Vampires have a group of assassins named “Death Dealers”, and Selene is part of that group.
Now during a clash with Lycans, Selene finds that Lucian is still alive. She knows that Kraven killed Lucian; that’s why she goes to Kraven.
She doubts Kraven’s loyalty because he is the only witness to Lucian’s death. She also thinks that he is working with Lycans and betraying Vampires.
Now Selene moves to his elder Vampire “Viktor” and tells him about Kraven, but Viktor does not believe her. After that, she moves to Michael.
He is a scientist rescued by Selene when she clashed with Lycans, and he has bitten by Lucian. She tells him all his story that how she was adopted by Viktor and turned into a Vampire after his parent’s death.
After that, Selene abducts Lycan scientist Singe, and Lycans captures Michael.
Now Michael is with Lycans, and here he knows that Viktor’s daughter and Lucian had a love affair, and Viktor killed his daughter when he knows about the affair.
Now Viktor interrogates Singe, and he tells him about the betrayal of Kraven and why Lycan wants Michael because Michael has a unique genetic strain that helps Lycans to become a Vampire-Werewolf hybrid.
In the end, elder Vampire Amelia is killed by Lucians. Now Selene and Kraven move to Lycans’ lair to rescue Michael. Kraven and Lucian fight with each other.
Kraven kills Lucian, and he also tells Selene that Viktor killed his parents. Michael asks Selene to bite him because he will become an immortal hybrid Vampire- Werewolf after that.
Now Viktor moves to Lycans’ lair, and he tries to kill Kraven, but Selene killed him with the help of Michael, a hybrid Vampire-Werewolf, and both escape from the Lycans’ lair.

Underworld: Blood Wars

Releasing Date:  6 January 2017
Director:  Anna Foerster
Runtime:  1 Hour 31 Minute
Writers:  Cory Goodman, Kyle Ward, Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman, Danny McBride
Genre:  Action, Fantasy, Horror
underworld movies in order ( )Image @ IMDB
In this movie, both Vampires and Lycans are searching for Selene because Vampires want revenge for Viktor’s death, while the Lycans want Eve because his blood Lycans can become hybrid Vampire-Werewolf.
After that, Semira, the eastern coven’s council member has succeeded in granting clemency to Selene in front of the full council. She wants that Selene trains neophyte Death Dealers.
Now Semira and his lover Varga killed all the trainees and blamed Selene for this cruel act. Selene and David come after that a fight happens in which Thomas has died, but Selene and David escape. In this fight, Semira has succeeded in getting Selene’s blood.
Now Selene and David move to Nordic Coven, which Alexia runs. But Alexia tells his lover Marius about their location. Now Marius, with his Lycans, attacks on them.
In this fight, Selene has defeated by Marius, and he asked her about Eve’s location, but she doesn’t tell him and slides herself under the lake.
Now David moves to the Eastern coven where he denounces Semira. It results in Varga leaves her. He imprisoned her in his room. After this, Marius, with his Lycans, attacks the coven.
David fights continuously because he wants a face-to-face with Marius. Selene appears suddenly with new powers in the dress of Death Dealers and kills Lycans swiftly. Semira tries to escape, but David manages to kill her.
Marius fights with Selene, where she knows that Marius killed Michael. After that, she killed Marius ruthlessly.
In the end, Selene, David, and Lena become new elders. 

How many underworld movies are there in order?

There are six movies in this franchise. There are five movies, and the last sixth one is animated movies.

Watch Underworld movies in order you like and tell us in the comment section which movie you like the most. 

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