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Step Up Movies in order(

Step Up is a romantic dance film series. It is a most popular dance movie series. Here is a list of all Step Up movies in order. If you are a dancer or dance lover, then you are a big fan of this series. If you want to watch the whole series and want to know the correct order, follow our blog. 

Step Up Movies order

Step Up Movies in order of release

Here is the list of all Step Up movies in order of release. It is the best order to watch because its releasing order is also its chronological or timeline order. If you want to watch the whole series in order of release, then you must follow the below order:

  1. Step Up – 2006

  2. Step Up 2: The Streets – 2008

  3. Step Up 3D – 2010

  4. Step Up Revolution – 2012

  5. Step Up All In – 2014

  6. Step Up China – 2019

Step Up movies ranked from best to worst

Here is the list of all Step Up movies ranked from best to worst based on IMDB ratings. If you want to watch the best movies first, then you have to follow the below order:

  • Step Up  [ 6.5/10 ]

  • Step Up Revolution  [ 6.4/10 ]

  • Step Up 2: The Streets  [ 6.2/10 ]

  • Step Up 3D  [ 6.2/10 ]

  • Step Up All In  [ 6/10 ]

International series

Step Up movies has one international series, and one another film is made in china on the same theme, which is also mentioned below:

  • Step Up: Year of the Dance – 2019

  • Step Up China – 2019

About Step UP Movies 

Step Up

Releasing Date:  11 August 2006
Director:  Anne Fletcher
Runtime:  1 Hour 44 Minutes
Writers: Duane Adler, Melissa Rosenberg
Genre:  Crime, Drama, Music
all Step Up Movies in order( @ IMDB
This is the first movie to watch Step UP movies in order. In the beginning, two brothers Mac and Skinny Carter, attend a party with their best friend Tyler Gage where they fight with PJ. A security guard comes there.
Taylor helps his friends to escape and take full blame himself. He gets the punishment of 200 hours of community service in school where he sees
Nora’s dance class is preparing for auditions.
Now Nora’s dance partner Andrew gets an injury, and he can’t dance that’s why he replaces him with
Tyler. Her bond becomes strong with Tyler with time.
Now Andrew comes from injuries, but when he knows that he is no longer needed, he accuses Nora of using him and leaves the group. Now Skinny steals PJ’s car from a store moves to a party to hang out with girls, but PJ’s and his friends find
They shoot him. After Skinny’s funeral, both Mac and Tyler feel that they should make better life decisions. In the end, Tylor convinces Nora to perform with him, and they act. The performance is so good that the
director Gordon introduces Nora to a dance company director hoping to sign Nora. She kisses Tyler in joy.

Step Up 2: The Streets

Releasing Date:  14 February 2008
Director:  Jon M. Chu
Runtime:  1 Hour 38 Minutes
Writers:  Toni Ann Johnson, Karen Barna, Duane Adler
Genre:  Drama, Music, Romance
Step Up Movies order( @ IMDB
This is the second movie to watch Step Up movies in order. In the beginning, a girl, Andie, wants to be a professional street dancer. When her mother dies of cancer moves to his mother’s friend Sarah.
Andie trains with a dance crew name “The 410,” known for unfair competition, “The Streets.” Sarah sends Andie to Texas, where Andie’s aunt lives,
because she is aware of “The 410” and his crimes. Now Tyler Gage, who is like a brother of Andie, sees her in a dance club.
She tells him about Sarah, but then Taylor tells her that Sarah wants to keep you safe, and he persuades him to give an audition in Maryland School of Arts and only has to compete for a place.
Now Tyler convinces Sarah to send Andie into MSA, and he goes on a tour with Nora Clark. Now Andie admits to MSA with the help of Chase Collins, but when “The 410” knows this, they kick her out from the group.
Now Andie and his friend Chase Collins want to compete in “The Streets,” So they posted it online that their crew participates in the competition. But when “The 410” knows about this,
they trash the studio of MSA. Now Andie is expelled from MSA.
In the end, Andie performs in “The Street” with his crew, and the performance is so good that MSA accepts Andie back. The movie ends with a passionate kiss between Chase and Andie.

Step Up 3D

Releasing Date:  6 August 2010
Director:  Jon M. Chu
Runtime:  1 Hour 47 Minutes
Writers:  Amy Andelson, Emily Meyer, Duane Adler
Genre:  Drama, Music, Romance
Step Up Movies in order( @ IMDB
This movie comes at the third place to watch Step Up movies in order. In the beginning, Moose and Camille attend New York University. Moose is doing electrical engineering because he has promised his father he would not dance anymore.
While moving into the campus, he meets Luke Katcher, the House of Pirates dance crew leader. After watching Moose dancing against the House of Samurai member, Luke tries to persuade him to join his dance crew.
Now Luke meets Natalie in a club and convinces him to join his team by watching his dancing abilities, but
he is not aware of her motives. Moose moves to college, but when he receives a message from Luke, he reaches competition on time.
A love connection builds up between Moose and Natalie. Natalie is the
sister of Julien, the leader of the House of Samurai. After talking with Julien, she decides to leave Moose.
When Luke gets to know that Natalie is Julien’s sister, he is angry at himself for not being the better leader. He says that the Club is over. Now Camille tells Moose that he should never give up on dancing.
In the end, Moose with Camille and Luke wins the world Jam competition. When everyone leaving Luke gives his limited edition shoes to Moose because he helps Luke rebuild the pirate’s group and beat the competition.

Step Up Revolution

Releasing Date:  27 July 2012
Director:  Scott Speer
Runtime:  1 Hour 39 Minutes
Writers:  Amanda Brody, Duane Adler
Genre:  Drama, Music, Romance
Step Up Movies in order( @ IMDB
This movie comes at the fourth in order to watch Step Up movies. In the beginning, “The Mob” shuts down the ocean drive and starts dancing on cars.
After some time, Sean Asa, Eddy, and Jason Hardlerson, the leaders of “The Mob,” watch their news on television in the restaurant where they work as waiters. After work, they move to the hotel’s beach club and claim that they are guests, not employees.
Now a dance battle is going on between Emily and Sean in the beach club. After some time, when Emily meets Sean again, she tells him that she is trying to crack an audition
for Winwood Dance Academy Company. Sean tells her that he is part of “The Mob.”
Emily persuades Sean to let her participate in the next flash mob. After that, Sean introduces her to his group members and tells her that they are trying to win a Youtube contest.
Emily performs great in flash Mob. Sean and Emily move to a boat to celebrate and kiss each other. Now Sean’s uncle Ricky reveals to them that Emily’s father plans to make a strip by destroying Ricky’s house, Sean’s house, and Sean’s sister’s house.
Emily persuades The Mob to protest against this plan. When the Mob gets to know that Emily is William’s daughter, this ruins the relationship between Emily and all the Mob members.
Now Emily
gives an audition for the academy, but she fails because she had practiced for a duet performance with Sean, but now she is alone. When Sean meets Emily and performs in a flash Mob, and when Emily’s father watches this, he decides to make this community instead of destroying it. In the end, Sean and Emily kiss each other.

Step Up All In

Releasing Date:  8 August 2014
Director:  Trish Sie
Runtime:  1 Hour 52 Minutes
Writers:  Duane Adler, John Swetnam
Genre:  Drama, Music, Romance
Step Up Movies in order( @ IMDB
It is the last movie in Step up movie watch order. Now “The Mob” has been shifted from Miami, Florida, to Los Angeles, where they are trying to earn a living by dancing, but they reject every audition.
A dance battle starts between The Grim Knights and The Mob, but Knights defeat them. After that, the mob crew decides to pack up and leave Los Angeles because of their Financial Condition.
Sean decides to stay in Los Angeles. He notices a competition, “The Vortex,” in which the prize is a three-year Las Vegas booking. Now he finds a new crew LMNTRIX with the help of Moose, for this competition, and Moose also helps Sean get a job in Los Angeles.
The group gave an audition and was selected for the competition.
Now this crew moves to Las Vegas to compete, where they see that “The Grim Knights” and “The Mob” are also participating in the competition.
Sean meets Andie, and they reveal that both of them are broke up with their partners. In this competition, LMNTRIX wins, and the Mob leaves, which is angry at Sean.
He apologizes to the Mob. At the end of the movie, every team performs excellently in the competition. Sean and Andie perform a trick.
Sean persuades the crowd to forget about the win and lose and says to enjoy the show. The Vortex announces the result, and LMNTRIX wins.

How many Step Up movies are there?

There are six Step UP movies Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up 3D, Step Up Revolution, Step Up All In, Step Up China, and one international movie name Step Up: Year of the Dance.

Watch Step Up movies in order and tell us in the comment section which movie you like the most.

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